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is an embedded platform from Murata and Sentinum to enable energy-efficient long-range connectivity solutions fast, efficient and easy. Yamori accelerates prototyping within the evaluation of IoT applications and closes the gap between development and market ready products. 

Yamori Space Mission

LoRa Radio Link Of Over 770 km Reached


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What is Yamori

High Quality & Professional Development Platform

Yamori is the world‘s smallest, highly integrated, industrial grade multistack LPWAN IoT device, which aids in rapid prototyping, experiencing versatile sensor configurations and drastically reducing time and development effort, thereby enabling faster time to market. The Yamori platform is specialised in the development of highly integrated long-life IoT sensors based on the current and emerging cellular and ISM band LPWAN communications protocols stacks.

About Yamori Network

Reliable Experts & Proven Partner Network

Yamori is more than just an embedded device. Rather, the platform represents a complete ecosystem of partners, experts and service providers around the topic of IoT. Numerous companies such as cloud service providers, hardware manufacturers and network operators work together, to support customers in the realisation of their new business model with holistic IoT solutions.

how can you benefit from yamori platform

Accelerating Innovative IoT Solutions

Yamori is the perfect start to evaluate different wireless communication protocols, that might be suitable for your application. Your benefits lie in a fast development of prototypes and a particularly short time to market for your end product. We also produce prototypes to professional standards and compare them to the quality of the final product. Furthermore, we equip you with the latest technologies available on the market and can thus create unique products. Our overall development strategy of well-rehearsed experts offers you a coordinated project flow.

Advanced Processes for maximum antenna performance

Manufacturing of the Antenna Structure

Yamori Platform Products

Start Developing Today!

Yamori Demo Board

Small demostration board consisting of mother board for communications and a clip-on sensor shield, either custom or off the rack.

Yamori Dev Kit

Development kit for Yamori, to develop with the latest wireless technologies from scratch and evaluate new applications easily.

Yamori Cloud

Use our dashboard based platform to get your application running. Design your individual frontend with few clicks or choose our dashboards from the rack.

Yamori Platform Products

Available Daughter Boards!

Yamori Green

The Yamori Green clip-on sensor shield carried a ultra-low power accelerometer and temperature, humidity, preassure, VOC sensor.

Yamori Blue

Yamori Blue carries a low power ToF sensor for level measurement applications as well as for people counting and presence detection.

Yamori Out of the box

Engineering Services – Unpack and Use

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service brings you your individual Yamori, which we adapt to your special application. We guarantee a fast delivery, high quality and a customized web application.

Full Stack Development

if your test is successful, we take over the complete development of an individual and cost optimized product. We take care of certification, testing and development of a secure and scalable web application.

Production and Support

if desired, we take over the procurement, production and can guarantee a long-term support. Within the product lifecycle, we are able to offer updates, individuel adaptions and extenden services.

Technical Features

The Best of Yamori Demo Board

Provisioning over NFC

The sensor can be activated via NFC and offers the possibility to adapt
sensor and network specific settings your specific application or behave as a data logging device.

Mother Board

The STM32 MCU based motherboard, carries with the LBAA0QB1SJ and LBAD0XX1SC Murata’s latest and world’s smallest RF modules to deliver high-performance applications.

3DMID Printed Antennas

The latest 3D-MID technology of the chair of FAPS allows the manufacturing of printed antenna structures in the housing, what enables highly integrated and small IoT devices.

Daughter Board

The daughter board carries the configurable sensors that sends the acquired data to the mother board. The modular concept allows a quick adaptation to individual requirements.

Power Management

With the CR3477X coin-cell battery in combination with the CT04120 pulse capacitor, Murata introduces a brand new power supply method for future IoT devices based on the latest battery research.


Yamori’s latest module technology enables an highliy integrated positioning service via GPS and Glonass, that can be with a combined cellular antenna, thus allowing smallest products.

Where Yamori can be part of your idea

Branches & Application Fields

Asset Tracking

Smart Metering

Smart Waste

Predictive Maintanance

Industrial Logistics

Why Choose Us

High Tech & Experience in IoT Devices

Thanks to Murata’s latest module, sensor and battery technology and an innovative antenna design, we show you what is already possible today. In addition to the latest communication technologies, we use the world’s smallest chipsets for cellular and ISM communication. Furthermore, the 3D-MID of the R&D institute FAPS, the world’s leading institute in this discipline, enables the integration of different and complex antenna structures in a small package and opens new ways in the production of IoT devices.

References & News

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Yamori on a space mission

Yamori on a space mission

Yamori Space Mission - BackgroundThe Yamori Space Mission literally takes the Yamori Demo Kit into space. During this breathtaking journey the sensor covered a distance of almost 200km and reached an altitude of about 40000 meters. The experiment showed that the...

Explore the Yamori Dev Kit

Focus on the Yamori Dev KiTYamori development platform is the ideal basis, to start developing your device from scratch. latest module technology from Murata allows outstanding performance in Yamori based prototypes and good performance to price ratio in volume...

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Developed by Sentinum with Murata and FAPS

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